I found the idea of the anti-resume very interesting ! Especially as the New Year (and its resolutions) is here. It is a good time to reflect on skills, experiences and projects to explore, and gather them all in a CV format.

An ode to everything you want to explore”

Some weeks ago, when reading Anne-Laure Le Cunff’s article, Building an antilibrary: the power of unread books, I got inspired to realise an anti-resume.

Following the article logic, an anti-resume is an ode to everything you want to explore.

In the meantime, I was initiating to the sketchnoting technique. So I decided to merge those two ideas. Anne-Laure would probably call it an “idea sex” concept as 2 ideas become one:

“Anti-resume concept” + “sketchnoting” = “Visual Anti-resume”

I am a beginner in sketchnoting, so I just kept in mind that drawings are not supposed to be art, but are here to make ideas.

“Make ideas, not art”

Once done, I shared my project with Nesslabs community, and I received awesome and warmul feedbacks on it. So I decided to share my project on a blog post.

How to make an anti-resume ?

  • Rule: There is no bad or good anti-resume. Actually there is no rule for doing it. Or maybe one: just having fun.

    As it gathers all the things we want to explore, a good exercise is to list all the things we’d like to do and prioritize them (this is simply what I did)

    There are more sophisticated ways to make retrospectives and set goals, but I am not an expert on this !

  • Format: I used the sketchnoting technique, but it can be anything. It can be a more traditional CV in plain text. I would recommend sketchnoting, as it is really fun to do and is known to enhance engagement, comprehension, and processing.

Why should you make an anti-resume ?

  • Short term goals: What I especially like is that the format of the CV (being quite limited) forces us to choose short-mid terms goals. So it differs from the usual -huge- bucket list.
  • Structure: It helps you structure your thoughts.
  • Focus & follow-up: it helps you focus on your main next steps. And this is something you keep and keep referring to. Unlike a post-it where you would have written your objectives and then loosen it somewhere.

Be proud of what you want to explore and your future you !

Counterintuitively, it appears that anti-resume also gives an impression of who you are. We are not only defined by the things we’ve done, but seems like our future projects reflect some aspects of our personality as well.

Would you hire someone based on their anti-resume ? :)

My anti-resume

PS: I wrote this article as part of the final assignment of module 4 of From Collector to Creator course :)